There are a number of differences in layer and broiler raising. Some of them are discussed in this video. How is the poultry Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) defined for broilers/45 day chickens and layers? What is the difference in layer and 45day/broiler feeding guide? In this video, our veterinarian Doc Jun compares broiler and layer poultry farming with regard to Feed Conversion Ratio and feeding strategy. He also shares common conventions and “rule of thumb” values regarding layers, such as the amount of feeds that a layer consumes in its lifetime, how many eggs are produced by 1kg of feeds, and many more. Lastly, he gives advice on who/where to ask for help especially with local conditions in your area such as diseases.

Give our product Zyphyll to your broilers and layers.

Zyphyll is a registered product with the Bureau of Animal Industry and is currently being used by poultry contract growers. Its benefits are;

• Faster growth and more efficient feed conversion ratio

• Enhances recovery of convalescing animals after disease outbreak

• Assists digestion and assimilation of feeds especially under stress conditions

• Aids restoration of body fluids in dehydrated animals under severe stress

• Improved yellow coloring of broiler shank and skin

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Ano ang ibig sabihin ng Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)? Paano nagkakaiba ang FCR sa broilers at layers? Sasagutin ni Doc Jun ang mga tanong na ito at magbibigay din sya ng ilang mga “rule of thumb” sa pagpapakain ng broilers at layers. Magbibigay din sya ng advice kung saan puwedeng magtanong tungkol sa mga kaganapan sa inyong lokalidad na makaka-apekto sa inyong mga alagang manok.

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