Organic Acids ~ Inorganic Acids ~ Probiotics

Acid Packer is a combination of several inorganic and organic acids in feed premix form for poultry and swine. These bufferized acids ensure stable acidity levels in the animals gastrointestinal tract even under stressful conditions caused by environmental, physiological or pathological factors. Acid Packer contains a proprietary mix of micro-organisms developed in Japan that maintains the microflora of the gut at the optimum level for efficient digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Officially Registered with the Bureau of Animal Industry


Improves enzymatic digestion of nutrients

Improves feed conversion

Promotes growth and development

Combats stress and hastens recovery of stressed animals

Prevents growth of bad bacteria in the gut

Improves efficiency of mold inhibitors


For swine:

Prestarter and starter:

Mix 800 g of Acid Packer premix per ton of feed

Growers, Fatteners, Lactating sows:

Mix 500 g of Acid Packer premix per ton of feed

For poultry:

Day-old to 4 weeks:

Mix 800 g of Acid Packer premix per ton of feed


Available in 25 kg pack

Store in a cool dry place at a temperature range between 10 degC to 25 degC