Technological Ventures, Inc.

What We Do

We use proprietary technology to develop natural and sustainable products for the Philippine poultry and swine industry. Our products use our unique mix of lactobacillus microorganisms developed in Japan. They have been used extensively in the Philippine market for over 20 years, especially in the Calabarzon area, one of the leading poultry centers in the country.

Our Products - Registered with the bureau of animal industry
Nutrient-Packed Vitamins and Mineral Powder for Poultry

For faster growth, enhanced recovery and improved digestion under stress conditions

All-Natural Growth Promotant Powder Premix

For efficient feed conversion, enhanced growth and development and resistance to stress.

Digestion Aid Feed Premix

Organic and inorganic acids to maintain stable acidity in the digestive tract even under stress conditions

Why Probiotics?
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