Enzymes ~ Amino Acids ~ Vitamins ~ Electrolytes Plus ~ Probiotics

ZYPHYLL is a soluble powder preparation designed to meet the supplementary requirements of poultry for vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, electrolytes, plus other nutrients. It contains a proprietary mix of micro-organisms developed in Japan that maintains the microflora of the gut at the optimum level for efficient digestion and assimilation of nutrients.


Officially Registered with the Bureau of Animal Industry


Faster growth and more efficient feed conversion ratio

Enhances recovery of convalescing animals after disease outbreak

Assists digestion and assimilation of feeds especially under stress conditions

Aids restoration of body fluids in dehydrated animals under severe stress

Improved yellow coloring of broiler shank and skin

Increased egg production and improved yellow coloring of egg yolk


For starting chicks:

ZYPHYLL use improves digestion under stress condition.

Dosage: 1 gram ZYPHYLL in 1 gallon water and give as sole source of water for 5-7 days

At any age:

ZYPHYLL use improves yellow coloring of shank and skin

Dosage: 2 grams of ZYPHYLL in 1 gallon of water and give as sole source of water for 3 consecutive days per week as needed

For layers:

ZYPHYLL use increases egg production and improves yellow coloring of egg yolk.

Dosage: 1 gram of ZYPHYLL in 1 gallon of water and give as sole source of water for 2 to 3 days every week


Available in 1 kg packs

Store in a cool dry place at a temperature range between 10 degC to 25 degC